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Humanitarian                                               Fund

Our focus for Winter 2020-2021 will be to provide the necessities of life for our Elders, brothers, and sisters on the Reservations. We have people freezing to death, not having running water, and of  course the COVID situation is out of control. COSS is committed to doing all we can to provide for those who have sacrificed so much so that we might be able to walk this Red Road.

We are currently taking donations to purchase wood to help the Hopi and Navajo through a cold, hard winter. The reservations have been hit so hard by COVID, lack of fresh water and food, and now that winter is coming, they desperately need wood to keep them warm. These are the descendants of the original peoples of this land that have been hunted, exposed to disease and treated with disdain and a lack of respect while they attempt to remain true to the ideals of living in harmony. 

If you feel impressed to address their real needs, please contribute with the button below. In an effort to fully disclose our costs, contributions through the button at the bottom of the page only cost us the credit card fee (usually between two and three percent).

Be assured that any funds we receive will go directly to relief efforts and will bless the lives of Native Americans and others that are suffering because of bigotry and government interference in their lives, both here in the U.S. and worldwide if there are enough funds to do so.

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