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Our Founder

Brad M. Smith's journey with earth-based sacraments is an inspiring story of personal transformation and community-building. As a young man, he had an interest in these powerful substances, but it wasn't until he was around 30 that he discovered their true potential.

He found himself drawn to the Native American Red Road, where he learned from medicine people in tipis and sweat lodges. Here, he discovered the spiritual and ceremonial aspect of the sacraments, and his journey on the Red Road was nothing short of transformative. He experienced macro and microcosms on the hero's journey, encountering synchronicities and archetypes that helped him navigate his path.

But Brad's journey didn't stop there. He also explored the world of psychedelic sacraments, which helped him deepen his relationship with the sacraments and his connection to source. He learned that these powerful tools could help others too, and so he created the Church of Sacred Sacraments.

The Church of Sacred Sacraments is committed to bringing access to earth-based sacraments to the community, in service to the people. They offer a safe and responsible way for others to explore these powerful tools and build a community around them. Brad's journey has taught him that the sacraments have the potential to transform lives and communities, and he is dedicated to sharing this knowledge with others.

Brad's adventure with earth-based sacraments is one of personal transformation, but it is also an adventure in community-building. He understands that we are all on this journey together, and that the sacraments can help us connect with each other and with something greater than ourselves.


If you're interested in exploring the world of earth-based sacraments, Brad M. Smith and the Church of Sacred Sacraments are the perfect guides for your journey. Their commitment to safety, responsibility, and community-building ensures that your adventure will be transformative, engaging, and inspiring. Join them on this extraordinary journey today.

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