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Introducing an unparalleled spiritual offering from the Church of Sacred Sacraments, our Custom Blended Sacrament Mix. This extraordinary concoction represents an unprecedented fusion of our treasured Peyote Spirit and Sacred Mushroom sacraments, forging a transcendental path previously unexplored.


We stand alone as the only organization offering this exquisite union of Peyote and Psilocybin Cubensis. The blend creates a unique symphony of spiritual exploration, combining the profound wisdom of these two ancient sacraments. The Peyote Spirit introduces the sublime radiance of the desert, while the Sacred Mushroom unfolds the mystical secrets of the earth's undergrowth. Together, they orchestrate a harmonious dance of consciousness, leading the seeker towards hitherto uncharted realms of enlightenment.


As an organization deeply connected to its roots and the ancestral wisdom carried by these sacraments, we recognize our responsibility to give back. To honor this connection and support those who preserve these traditions, we pledge 50% of all contributions received for this custom blend to the Native American Church's roadmen. These individuals tirelessly dedicate themselves to conducting traditional ceremonies and are the stewards of this sacred wisdom.


By partaking in this Custom Blended Sacrament Mix, you step into an exclusive spiritual journey while concurrently contributing to the preservation and continuation of time-honored ceremonial practices.

Two Spirit Microdose Sacrament

  • Each capsule is a half Peyote Spirit and Half Mushroom Spirit.

    Capsules weigh approximately .30 to .45 grams

    30 Capsules per package

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