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Grandfather Peyote Journey

Spiritual Communion

  • 12 hr
  • Deposit Required
  • set and setting will be determined during our consultation

Service Description

Step into the realm of profound spiritual communion with Brad M. Smith, the visionary founder of Sacred Sacraments Psychedelic Fellowship. In this exclusive and traditional private peyote facilitation, you are invited to embark on an extraordinary journey guided by ancient wisdom and contemporary reverence. Drawing from years spent in the embrace of Native American ceremonial ways, Brad's guidance carries the essence of time-honored traditions. With a deep connection to the sacred peyote sacrament, he offers you a unique opportunity to engage in an extended deep dive—an attunement to the very heart of this ancient sacrament. Under Brad's adept and respectful guidance, you will embark on a journey that reaches beyond the physical and into the realms of the soul. This isn't just a psychedelic experience; it's a sacred communion with a potent sacrament that has been revered for generations. Brad's rich journey, guided by the teachings of Seira and Floyd, ensures that your experience is rooted in respect, safety, and profound transformation. As you gather in a sacred space, you'll become part of a lineage that traces back through the ages. Guided by Brad's expertise, you'll partake in the meticulous preparation of ceremonial wood and the gathering of cedar, imbibing the spirit of tradition. The ceremony itself, rooted in reverence and community, will immerse you in the collective energy of those who have come before. This private peyote facilitation isn't just an experience; it's a sacred rite of passage. It's an opportunity to explore the depths of your being, to commune with the ancestors who once tended the fireplaces, and to establish a connection to a greater cosmic consciousness. Brad's role isn't just that of a guide; he's a steward of a timeless tradition, inviting you to embrace the transformative power of the peyote sacrament. If you are a sincere seeker ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, guided by a visionary with a lifelong dedication to these ancient ways, then this private peyote facilitation with Brad M. Smith is your path. Join him in this sacred communion to unlock the hidden dimensions of existence and walk the path of those who have honored the peyote sacrament for generations.

Cancellation Policy

Let us know when you're ready!

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Sacred Sacraments - A Psychedelic Fellowship, 14 2nd Street, Whitefish, MT, USA

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