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“Our Tradition is Change”

The Church of Sacred Sacraments


The Church of Sacred Sacraments, situated in Northwest Montana, provides various sacred services such as ceremonies, initiations, sacraments, counseling, community outreach, and continual support to those who approach us with good intentions.

Our Sacred Sacrament community is a dynamic congregation of numerous individuals who have prayed together and participated in medicinal ceremonies for healing. We, at the Church of Sacred Sacraments, do not intend to form a gathering of people who pledge allegiance to our altar or abide by any principles laid out during ceremonies. Instead, we foster an environment of free-thinking fellowship that helps us enrich our experiences both individually and collectively.


At Sacred Sacraments, we don't adhere to any particular dogma, nor do we espouse that there's only one path to healing. Individuals may arrive at our doorstep through various routes, and they will depart through many others. We hold in high esteem all positive approaches. Good Way is more of a sensation than a concept. During the medicinal rituals, people learn, via practical physical, mental, and emotional involvement, what it means to feel Good Way on a personal level. We've noticed that everyone who attends our ceremonies finds a way to connect with their Good Way and carries it with them as they move on to new horizons.

At the Church of Sacred Sacraments, we intertwine the Hero's Journey and Red Road frameworks into our ceremonies and spiritual development programs. Our altar serves as a space for those seeking to become True Human Beings, fully committed to navigating the challenges and experiences of human life. We recognize that enlightenment is not the sole purpose of our path; rather, we honor the humanity of each person and meet them where they are, treating their lives and relationships as Sacred.

Through our ceremonies, we offer a glimpse of what it means to treat something as Sacred, without any sense of unapproachability or piety. Our goal is to empower individuals to establish a personal relationship with the Creator, without the need for intercession or reliance on religious figures. We believe that each person is responsible for their prayers, life, and choices, and that learning to take ownership of our shortcomings and limitations, while forgiving ourselves and others, is essential to a liberated body, mind, and spirit.

We hold that every Great Way offers a similar core teaching, and we do not conflict with any other practices, as long as they do not interfere with an individual's right to connect with a Power Greater Than Themselves, in whatever way they see fit. At the Church of Sacred Sacraments, we believe that the Good Way is the only way, and we strive to guide individuals along their unique path of spiritual development.

Statement of Intention
  • Sacred Sacraments is committed to honoring sacred traditions.

  • The Hummingbird Medicine is created by uniting the Medicine of North America and South America through Sacred Sacrament Ceremonies, with the sacred mushroom playing a unique role in this union.

  • Sacred Sacraments offers continuous support to those seeking help and healing, lasting community, and a deeper connection to spirit.

  • Healing among all relations is the goal of Sacred Sacraments, with teachings embodying universal principles of love, patience, tolerance, and personal responsibility. The organization takes no position on public or private controversies.

  • Sacred Sacraments prays to mend the sacred hoop through actions that keep a good mind, heart, and economy.

  • Charitable contributions support Sacred Sacraments' intention to offer sacred ceremonies and ongoing support to all, as well as provide material support to like-minded friends. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

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