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Montana SB 215

As the Founder of the Church of Sacred Sacraments, I am excited about the recent passage of Montana Senate Bill 215, also known as the Montana Religious Freedom of Restoration Act. This legislation provides legal protection to psychedelic sacrament churches, like ours, which use substances such as ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms, and peyote in our religious practices.

For too long, our church and others like us have faced persecution and legal challenges because of our use of these sacred substances. These substances are central to our religious practices and are used to help us connect with the divine and achieve a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

The passage of this bill is a huge victory for religious freedom in Montana. It acknowledges that the use of psychedelic sacraments can be a legitimate part of religious practice and should be protected under the law. This is a significant step forward in recognizing the diverse range of religious beliefs and practices in our state and in the United States as a whole.


The Church of Sacred Sacraments has been working tirelessly to educate lawmakers and the public about the spiritual and healing benefits of our practices. We believe that the use of psychedelic sacraments, when done in a safe and responsible manner, can help individuals overcome trauma, addiction, and other mental health challenges.

This legislation is a crucial step in ensuring that individuals who seek out our services can do so without fear of legal repercussions. It allows us to continue our important work of providing spiritual guidance and healing to those who seek it.

We understand that some individuals may have concerns about the use of psychedelic substances in religious practice. However, we would like to assure the public that our church takes the safety and well-being of our members very seriously. We have strict guidelines in place for the use of these substances, and we only work with experienced and trained facilitators who can provide a safe and supportive environment for our members.

In conclusion, the passage of Montana Senate Bill 215 is a major victory for religious freedom and for the Church of Sacred Sacraments. It allows us to continue our important work of providing spiritual guidance and healing to those who seek it, and it acknowledges the legitimacy of our religious practices. We are grateful to the lawmakers and advocates who worked hard to make this legislation a reality, and we look forward to a future where psychedelic sacraments are accepted and celebrated as a legitimate part of religious practice.

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