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Brad M. Smith

Founder and Grandfather Peyote

Transformational Experience Facilitator

The Red Road is a tapestry woven with the threads of ancient wisdom, sacred ceremony, and the luminous spirit of the peyote sacrament. My journey along this path has been a dance between tradition and transformation, guided by the heartbeat of generations past and the whisper of cosmic mysteries. Through the swirling smoke of ceremonial fires and the resonance of drumbeats, I've come to understand that the Red Road is a journey of soulful attunement—a passage where the roots of tradition nourish the blossoms of personal evolution. With each step, the sacred peyote sacrament has been my guide, unveiling realms unseen and illuminating the threads that connect us all. As I walk this path, I invite all seekers to join me in the dance, to partake in the communion of ancient rituals and timeless wisdom, and to discover the boundless tapestry of the Red Road for themselves.

Brad M. Smith, Sacred Sacraments - A Psychedelic Fellowship

Embarking on a journey through the world of earth-based sacraments, my life story unfolds as a tapestry of personal transformation and the birth of a vibrant community. From my earliest days, I felt a pull towards the mysteries of these potent substances. However, it wasn't until my thirties that their true power and potential would reveal themselves to me in ways I could never have imagined.

Drawn inexorably towards the Native American Red Road, I found myself under the tutelage of remarkable medicine figures, surrounded by the sacred energy of tipis and the purifying embrace of sweat lodges. It was in these hallowed spaces that I first began to fathom the spiritual and ceremonial essence of these sacraments. Seira and Floyd, with their profound wisdom, became my guides, introducing me to the intricate dance between humanity and the divine.

As I walked this path, a transformative pilgrimage akin to the hero's journey, I encountered archetypes and synchronicities that illuminated my way. Macrocosmic revelations and microcosmic introspections painted the canvas of my exploration, shaping my understanding of self and spirit. In this sacred odyssey, my perception expanded, my purpose clarified, and my connection to the cosmic tapestry deepened.

Yet, this was merely a prelude to my narrative. Venturing further, I embraced the realm of psychedelic sacraments, forging a more profound communion with these sacred allies and the cosmic source they embody. It became evident that these tools of transformation held the potential to guide others on their own journeys of self-discovery. And so, inspired by the insights gleaned from my interactions, I founded the Church of Sacred Sacraments.

Within the sanctuary of the Church of Sacred Sacraments, I weave together my intimate knowledge and profound respect for these sacraments. A safe haven for exploration, it stands as a testament to my commitment to responsible and respectful usage. My journey has taught me that these sacraments possess the remarkable ability to catalyze personal growth and nurture connected communities.

My story isn't merely one of personal transformation; it's a narrative of community cultivation. Through these sacraments, I've come to understand that our human journey is a collective one, and they offer a bridge to shared experiences and cosmic unity. As I chronicle my journey, I extend an invitation to fellow seekers and explorers to join me on this remarkable path of discovery.

For those eager to explore the depths of earth-based sacraments, I, Brad M. Smith, alongside the Church of Sacred Sacraments, stand as guides to illuminate your way. With a commitment to safety, responsibility, and the nurturing of a vibrant community, our journey together promises to be an illuminating and transformative one. 

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