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What is the Church of Sacred Sacraments?

The Church of Sacred Sacraments (COSS) is a space held that respects, values, and draws upon the ethical religious, mystical, and spiritual arts and wisdom of any and all of Earth’s peoples, and we are a nationwide network of members successfully exercising our rights to religious freedom and the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness, as they pertain to  Sacred Sacraments. 

We operate as a free church with the dictate of the Oratory of Mystical Sacraments and the sole authority of a Higher Power to provide both the Space and the Sacraments as Medicine for the Spirit.

We believe in enhancing Spiritual Knowledge, Growth and Healing through the lens of mysticism, omnism and indigenous earth based ways, through ceremonies, sweat lodges and plant medicines. 

Our primary goals are first and foremost, relationship with a higher power, as we individually understand it, service to others and giving back to the community.  

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Medicine for the Spirit

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The Master Plant Medicines contain within them all the genuine wisdom teachings of all the Sacred Ways. They teach self-discipline, self-mastery, personal responsibility, forgiveness, acceptance, compassion and unconditional love. This is profound and life-changing. The personally observable reality of this healing is the true reason for the surge in membership and interest in Sacred ceremonies all over the world.

Medicine is not a drug. A drug takes you someplace and leaves you right back where it found you. 

Medicine takes you someplace and leaves you with a new life. Every single time. Medicine teaches us that prayer, rather than being a form of begging or an empty ritual is the recognition of our personal relationship with Creator, and that every human being has the power to invoke that relationship in any moment by asking for help from a Power Greater than ourselves.

Sacred Sacraments teaches people to make and keep a clear and simple prayer for their lives through the Sacred Pipe ceremonies. Then, prayer in heart, it is possible for a human being to have a personal healing relationship with Creator through the plant Sacraments that can effect the permanent and lasting change we are all praying to have for ourselves, our families and communities and the world as a whole.

In this way, healing ourselves, self-chosen for self-healing, we heal the world with love instead of anger. ​Medicine is for those who are sick. Sick means being out of balance; whether in spirit, mind or body, a state less than perfect. 

Who among us is perfect? We all need help or medicine in one or all the areas of spirit, mind, and body. We believe that almost all sickness starts in the spirit and invades the mind, then manifests itself in the body.

Medicine is provided by Creator; whether directly from creation or flowing through His people. His Word is good medicine. Help is good medicine. Medicine is also education. Medicine is ceremony. Medicine is guidance. Medicine is also a deeper spiritual understanding of what it means to live a fuller life without suffering.  

We care and help others. It is our goal to offer tools to people and assist them in their seeking a more abundant life. To help them achieve peace and joy. Ultimately to help them find spiritual truth and balance in their lives.

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