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Why We Exist

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Church of Sacred Sacraments (COSS) believes that all non-GMO* plants that grow here on our common home (Mother Earth) by the direction of the Great Spirit have a purpose and that many of them are for our healing and edification. Good blessings come when these sacred plant medicines are used under the direction of qualified Medicine People, healers and professionals who have been prepared to share them with us in the way they were intended with Gratitude and Understanding.

Because of evil intentions of conspiring individuals, many of these sacraments and medicines have been destroyed or removed from easy access by those who seek to profit from the suffering of their fellow beings. We STRONGLY BELIEVE that any plant that grows here naturally was prepared by Creator. Outlawing their use for those who need them for health and empowerment is acting against Mother Nature and Nature’s God.

For thousands of years, these sacred plants have been used by our indigenous native ancestors with prudence and wisdom. It is only in the last century or so that unethical and greedy people in positions of power have sought to take earth’s sacred gifts that heal, comfort and strengthen from those who are blessed by them. We understand that some choose to misuse these sacraments but saying that they are to be outlawed or controlled is similar to saying that electricity, fuel or garden implements are to be outlawed or controlled because some people use them for destructive purposes.


Church of Sacred Sacraments is a movement that honors the understandings and traditions of the indigenous peoples of North, Central and South America and the Pacific Islands and the world at large. COSS exists to connect us to and learn from the wisdom and healing of our ancestors. We assist people to create and exhibit respect for themselves and for, not only their ancestors, but for those who are yet to come. Our decisions are made with concern for the next seven generations and beyond. We seek to heal our world so it can still be a place where people can live in health, freedom and peace hundreds of years from now as well as assisting them today.

Because of governmental restrictions placed on many of these sacred sacraments and ceremonies (usually in violation of our civil rights), we as an authentic Native American Church feel the need to protect people and their rights to benefit from them. We established our Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct to help our COSS members understand the positive uses of these medicines and to protect against the disrespectful or damaging uses that some choose. COSS teaches both our members and our medicine people the spiritual basis and intentions that are necessary to understand and participate in this important movement in a good way.

In all of this, we (COSS) constantly seek the guidance of the Great Spirit. We see ourselves as the caretakers and defenders of the indigenous ways and the people who choose to walk with us. We feel we have a responsibility to Mother Earth and Father Sky to protect them to the best of our ability from those who would abuse, pollute and damage our temple and common home (Mother Earth). The well-being of our world has a direct effect on the well-being of the people who dwell here and of their descendants unto the seventh generation and beyond.

COSS hopes and prays for the day when all healing and indigenous ceremonies and sacraments will be available to all who seek them without officially having to “join” any group for protection in doing so. When that day comes, our mission will continue to be important. We will still be here to promote and provide healing and empowerment to our world and her people and safeguarding the way of peace and happiness. Until that day, we will stand for your Constitutional rights to follow your beliefs and spiritual practices and we will continue to offer a path of healing and peace to those who wish to walk and pray with us.

*Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) are plants whose DNA has not been altered intentionally by scientists to achieve things that Creator did not intend for those plants. GMO plants are not authorized for use by Church of Sacred Sacraments.


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