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Our Mission

Our worldwide mission is to support and sustain indigenous communities and their traditional ways of life. We recognize the unique and invaluable contributions that indigenous cultures have made to the world, and we are committed to preserving and protecting these traditions for future generations.

We believe that by coming together as a global community, we can create a more just, equitable, and sustainable world. We are committed to working in partnership with indigenous communities and organizations to promote cultural awareness, social justice, and environmental stewardship.

Our mission is rooted in a deep respect for the interconnectedness of all things and a belief in the transformative power of spiritual practice. We invite all individuals who share our vision and values to join us on this journey of spiritual growth, cultural awareness, and social justice.

Our Vision

The Church of Sacred Sacraments recognizes the importance of sustaining indigenous ways of life and promoting the use of native plants, traditional medicine, and art. We believe that documenting and preserving these practices can help to ensure their continued use and preservation for future generations.

To achieve this vision, we are committed to creating resources and programs that support indigenous communities in their efforts to preserve their cultural heritage and promote economic development. We recognize that economic development projects can have a positive social impact by creating sustainable livelihoods and promoting cultural pride and identity.

Through our resources and programs, we seek to empower indigenous communities to preserve and share their traditional knowledge and practices. This may include initiatives such as documenting the use of native plants for medicinal purposes, supporting the creation and sale of traditional art, and promoting sustainable harvesting practices.

We also recognize the importance of providing resources and support for economic development projects that align with our values and vision. This may include initiatives such as promoting ecotourism, supporting sustainable agriculture and forestry practices, and creating opportunities for indigenous communities to engage in sustainable and ethical business ventures.

By promoting sustainable economic development that aligns with our values, we believe that we can help to create a more just and equitable world. We are committed to working in partnership with indigenous communities to promote economic development projects that prioritize social and environmental impact, and that honor and preserve indigenous cultural heritage.

Our Purpose

Church of Sacred Sacraments is here to be of service to others by lending awareness to the spiritual aspects of life through healing ceremonies, earth-based sacraments and sacred lodges. We encourage the study of a wide variety of spiritual, esoteric, religious, metaphysical texts and pathways to help fellow spiritual seekers to open through experience to all that is in the divine creation and ancient spiritual teachings passed on through the ages, and the earth-based sacraments provided by Mother Earth.


By holding space for each other to grow, learn, blossom and evolve, we, as a collective whole are more stable, powerful, stronger, more creative and brilliant creators, than if left alone.

We desire to be a community that supports the weight of the other. To uphold. To encourage. To inspire. To teach. To listen. To share. To shed. To renew. To care. To heal. To move through. To go further. To expand and to to discover who we truly are, together.

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