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Our exclusive Peyote Spirit microdosing capsules, a revered sacrament that is truly exceptional in nature, reflecting the deep respect we hold for its sacred and ceremonial origins within Indigenous Cultures. This sacrament is available in very limited quantities, due to its hallowed position and the profound reverence we maintain for the ancestral wisdom and traditions that guide its use.


This sacrament is a living testament to the teachings of those who have illuminated our path with this medicine, and we offer it to our community with the highest regard and utmost appreciation for their guidance. To honor and support the stewards of this powerful sacrament, we donate 50 percent of all contributions received for this sacrament back to the Native American Church. This supports medicine people traveling for ceremony and those who continue to work directly with the medicine in its traditional context, keeping the ancestral wisdom alive.


Experience the rich spiritual lineage and remarkable healing properties of the Peyote Spirit microdosing capsules, while simultaneously supporting the custodians of this ancient wisdom.


Each package contains approximately one spirit walk with Grandfather Peyote. Or use it daily to slowly attune to the Peyote Spirit.


33 Capsules per package

.40 grams per capsule

Grandfather Peyote Microdose Capsules

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