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Explore, Transform, and Connect at Our Psychedelic Sanctuary

We warmly invite you to explore the transformative opportunities at our sanctuary, open to the general public and those seeking deeper community engagement. Whether you're looking for a private retreat space or a pathway to membership through spiritual exploration, we offer flexible options to accommodate your journey.

Sanctuary Booking: Open to All

  • Description: Our sanctuary is available for booking by the general public. Reserve our space to host your own private events, retreats, or personal spiritual experiences. This option is perfect for those looking to explore the healing potentials of psychedelic sacraments in a safe, sacred environment without the commitment to membership.

  • Benefits:

  • Access to Sacred Spaces: Utilize our sweat lodge, hogan, and tipi for your private or group activities.

  • Customizable Experiences: Tailor your stay with activities and ceremonies that meet your group's needs, from guided psychedelic sessions to quiet meditation retreats.

  • Opportunity for All: No membership required to book, making it accessible to everyone seeking a spiritual or therapeutic getaway.

Consultation to Membership: Deepen Your Involvement

  • Description: Begin with a personal consultation, available online or in-person, to discuss how our sanctuary and its practices can support your spiritual journey. This path leads to membership, offering deeper involvement and access to our community's full range of benefits and activities.

  • Benefits:


  • Personalized Guidance: Engage with our facilitators to tailor your spiritual path within our community.

  • Membership Perks: After consultation, enjoy all church benefits including ongoing access to sacraments, ceremonies, and member-only events.

  • Inclusive Community: Join a network of like-minded individuals committed to spiritual growth and healing.

Choose Your Experience: No matter your choice—booking our sanctuary for a one-time event or beginning a lasting journey through consultation—our doors are open. Each option provides a unique way to engage with our sacred practices and enjoy the tranquil beauty of our facilities.

Take the Next Step: Contact us to book your personal or group retreat, or to schedule a consultation to explore membership. Our sanctuary is a place of welcome, offering paths to healing, discovery, and connection for everyone.


The Hogan

  • Description: Our hogan serves as the heart of deep spiritual practices, offering an immersive environment perfect for introspection and communal experiences. It's available for private or guided sessions, where you can embark on journeys using traditional Native American Church (NAC) ceremonies or guided psychedelic explorations.

  • Booking Options: Choose from fully guided, semi-guided, or self-guided experiences. For seasoned practitioners, we provide the wood and a prayer, and you lead your journey.

  • Add-Ons: Enhance your stay with additional spiritual activities and community events.

The Tipi

  • Description: Nestled in a tranquil forest, our tipi is ideal for smaller gatherings, meditation, and intimate ceremonies.

  • Offerings: Join community circles, engage in meditation, or partake in special communion services with natural sacraments.

  • Booking Details: Available as an add-on with additional donation, reflecting the preparation and maintenance efforts.


The Sweat Lodge

  • Description: Experience purification and renewal in our traditional sweat lodge. This space is a gateway to physical detoxification and spiritual insights, suitable for both traditional and non-traditional experiences.

  • Offerings: Participate in pre-ceremony purification, post-ceremony integration, or open community sweats.

  • Booking Details: Book as an add-on for an immersive experience, with additional contributions required for its extensive preparations.

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