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Community Outreach

Hospice Care

Church of Sacred Sacraments provides spiritual support and sacrament facilitation at no cost to hospice patients. Numerous studies have shown sacraments to be very effective in relieving end of life anxiety issues and bringing the patient to place of spiritual connection and acceptance before passing over. We believe support in life's biggest challenge is a key to lessening human suffering on this planet and an essential service to help ease suffering. Let us know if you or a loved one needs our services and we will do our best to provide education, support, fellowship and facilitation in your sacrament communion.

For consultation or services please use our contact form here

One Heart One Beat 501(c)(3)

One Heart One Beat believes that Indigenous cultures hold many of the keys to sustainable living, plants, medicines, and art. We at One Heart One Beat create bridges to support Indigenous communities in sustaining their continued and foundational ways of life.


One Heart One Beat directly supports indigenous communities who in turn directly strengthen the planet.



We and University Researchers work alongside Indigenous Communities to collect and document native plant species. Through collaborative analysis we identify how they were used in traditional medicine, commerce, and food. The University Researchers catalog the plants and identify candidates to be reintroduced as agricultural crops for the community. We also work with indienous elders and medicine men studying traditional plant based medicine treatments.


Cultural Art projects financially support Indgenous Communities often supporting collective history. One Heart One Beat supports indigenous communities with resources directed toward art projects. The Huichol have ancient traditions of creating spiritually centered artwork. We provide resources to support these projects.

Social Impact

One Heart One Beat collaborates with Indigenous communities to support socially focused causes. We work with the Woman Warriors Inter-tribal group from the Northern Cheyenne tribe to provide resources to support their programs. They focus on empowering women in tribal leadership roles, supporting children and supporting substance abuse programs.


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