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Luke Lambert

Visionary and Transformational

Experience Facilitator

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Luke Lambert’s journey through life has been a profound exploration of faith, personal growth, and a dedication to service. Raised in a religious household, with a father who was both a pastor and principal, Luke initially followed a path of rebellion in his early teens. Despite his “Golden Rule” intentions, he faced heartache and confusion, allowing substances to shape his direction. In his early twenties, a series of encounters led Luke back to a spiritual path. He immersed himself in a Christian discipleship ministry, dedicating four years to studying the Bible and cultivating the fruits of the Spirit. Luke’s commitment led him to lead scripture studies, deliver sermons, and contribute to worship leadership.


However, he couldn’t ignore the hypocritical tendencies and closed-minded approaches he observed in himself and others within the religious community. This prompted him to continue his educational journey elsewhere.


In his late twenties, Luke experienced divorce and estrangement from the love he sought. This turbulent period led him to diverse experiences, from working on the Bering Sea to residing on the Olympic Peninsula. During his time in Washington tragedy struck with the loss of both his parents and one of his brothers within a short span of time.


Luke’s path led him to cultivate medical cannabis in the California mountains, where he witnessed the destructive power of wildfires firsthand. It was also during this period that he embraced experiences with DMT and ayahuasca, which profoundly shifted his perception and expanded his understanding of existence.


Luke’s encounters with spirit in various forms and his ability to perceive the communication of the source have matured him into a state of being beyond his initial expectations. As he continues to learn and grow, Luke is committed to being a source of support and guidance for those he encounters.

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