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Sacred Campfire Fellowships

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Introducing Campfire Fellowship: Where Conversations Spark, Friendships Ignite, and Surprises Await!

Gather 'round, folks! Welcome to the Campfire Fellowship, a cozy and inviting space where small fellowship groups can huddle up, plan intimate gatherings, share stories, and enjoy each other's company. With the crackle of the fire and the warmth of friendship, our Campfire Fellowship is the perfect spot to unwind, connect, and create lasting memories - all with a delightful element of surprise!

About Us: Laughter, Stories, Marshmallows, and Serendipity!

The Campfire Fellowship is a laid-back community designed to bring people together in the glow of a virtual campfire. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where members can engage in meaningful conversations, share a laugh or two, and simply relax in the company of like-minded individuals. From lively discussions to quiet contemplations, the Campfire Fellowship is a safe space for authentic connections, personal growth, and spiritual exploration.

What sets us apart? The element of surprise! Our gatherings are hosted at random locations, often on short notice, just to keep things fresh and exciting. Plus, we're always on the lookout for adventurous souls willing to volunteer their space for our Campfire Fellowships. The idea is to build a network of gathering spaces for small fellowship groups.

At our Campfire Fellowship, you'll discover:

  • A welcoming, relaxed environment for small fellowship groups

  • The opportunity to plan, discuss, and share your small gatherings with a twist of spontaneity.

  • A platform for meaningful connections, engaging conversations, and spiritual exploration.

  • A diverse community of members who share your passion for fellowship and unexpected adventures.

Ready to join the Campfire Fellowship? Here's how:

To become a member and take part in our smoldering conversations, visit our membership section at www.sacredsacraments.org/membership and complete the membership documents to gain access to all our member services and groups, including the ever welcoming and unpredictable Campfire Fellowship.

So, grab a seat, toast some marshmallows, and join us by the fire! The Campfire Fellowship is the place to be for heartwarming connections, enlightening discussions, spiritual musings, and of course, a good ol' fashioned campfire sing-along.

You never know where the fire might lead, but we're sure it'll be a memorable journey!


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  • May 13, 2023


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