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An Invitation to Transcendence

The Sacrament Journey: A Voyage into the Sacred Realms - Guided by Thomas J. Reifers

  • 12 hr
  • Deposit Required
  • set and setting will be determined during our consultation

Service Description

Set out on a privately guided sacrament journey, carefully tailored and personally facilitated by Thomas J. Reifers. Thomas, a highly experienced guide, combines insights from psychotherapy and various spiritual traditions to guide you through an unparalleled journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Itinerary: A One-on-One Journey into the Sacred with Thomas J. Reifers Personal Welcome and Briefing (By Appointment): Thomas J. Reifers will personally greet you, providing an orientation and grounding session to prepare you for the deep spiritual work ahead. Guided Meditation and Intention Setting (Immediately Following the Briefing): Thomas will help you set your spiritual compass, guiding a meditation to anchor you in the present moment and clarify your intentions for the journey. Sacred Sacrament Communion (Scheduled according to your readiness): When you are ready, Thomas will guide you through the sacrament ceremony. This is the core of your spiritual experience, and you will venture deep into realms of consciousness under his experienced tutelage. Reflective Interlude (Upon Completion): After the sacrament experience, there will be a period of reflection. Thomas will help you interpret and integrate the spiritual and psychological insights you may have gleaned. One-on-One Debriefing and Integration Planning (Scheduled according to your readiness): Finally, Thomas will conduct a comprehensive debriefing. He will also help you draft an integration plan, ensuring that the lessons and insights you've gained are meaningfully incorporated into your daily life. The Perfect Setting: A Personalized Sanctuary for Spiritual Exploration Your private sacrament journey will take place in a serene and secluded setting, allowing for maximum personal attention and comfort. The venue will be thoughtfully arranged to encourage relaxation, introspection, and spiritual expansion. Secure Your Private Journey Spaces for these intensely personalized journeys are very limited to maintain the integrity of each individual experience. Contact us to schedule your private journey with Thomas J. Reifers and embark on a transformative voyage into your inner world. We look forward to facilitating your deep dive into spiritual understanding and awakening. In love and light, The Sacred Sacraments Team

Cancellation Policy

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Sacred Sacraments - A Psychedelic Fellowship, 14 2nd Street, Whitefish, MT, USA

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