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Psychedelic Sacrament Experience

Sanctuary Offerings: A Guide to Our Spaces

  • 24 hr
  • Deposit Required
  • Our Private Sanctuary

Service Description

Explore the Depths of Spiritual and Healing Practices in Our Unique Environments At our sanctuary, we provide a variety of spaces and experiences designed to facilitate deep healing, spiritual awakening, and profound transformations through the use of traditional and prayerful sacrament activities. Each space is crafted with intention, respect, and adherence to both traditional Native American ceremonies and broader spiritual practices. The Sweat Lodge: A Gateway to Purification Experience rejuvenation and cleansing in our traditional sweat lodge. This sacred space serves as a potent gateway for both beginning and closing sacramental journeys, providing physical detoxification and spiritual renewal. Offerings: Pre-Ceremony Purification: Prepare your body and spirit for deeper sacramental experiences. Post-Ceremony Integration: Reflect and integrate the insights and transformations from your journey. Open Sweats: Join community-led sweat sessions for ongoing spiritual maintenance and connection. The Hogan: A Vessel for Deep Journeys Our hogan is the heart of traditional Native American Church (NAC) ceremonies and immersive experiences. Designed to offer an immersive environment for deep introspective and communal sacramental practices. Offerings: NAC Peyote Ceremonies: Conducted with reverence to tradition, these ceremonies facilitate profound spiritual connections and insights. Guided Psychedelic Experiences: Utilize the hogan for safe and controlled psychedelic explorations under expert guidance. Private Sessions: Reserve for personal Sanctuary Booking: Private and Group Experiences Reserve our sanctuary and its sacred spaces exclusively for you and your group. This private booking allows you to experience our facilities in solitude or with your chosen companions, facilitating personal and group transformations through the use of psychedelic sacraments in a controlled and sacred environment. Benefits: Exclusive Access: Enjoy the privacy of our sweat lodge, hogan, and tipi for your spiritual and sacramental activities. Tailored Experiences: Customize your visit with specific ceremonies, guided sessions, and more, all adapted to your spiritual needs. Full Church Benefits: As part of your booking, gain membership access to all church benefits, including ongoing access to sacraments and ceremonies.

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Sacred Sacraments - A Psychedelic Fellowship, 14 2nd Street, Whitefish, MT, USA

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