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Introducing Our Lead Transformational Experiential Facilitator: Thomas J. Reifers

Hello Sacred Sacraments Community,

Lead Facilitator
Thomas Reifers

We are incredibly excited to introduce you to someone who has been a transformative force in the lives of many—our Lead Transformational Experiential Facilitator, Thomas J. Reifers. For those seeking a deeper experience of meaning, purpose, and self-expression in life, Thomas’s approach offers a sanctuary of holistic wisdom.

A Testimonial From a 7-Year Journey with Thomas - Our Lead Transformational Experience Facilitator

Brad M. Smith

"I have had the immense privilege of knowing Thomas for the past seven years. In this time, I've witnessed his extraordinary ability to heal, guide, and inspire not just as a facilitator, but also as a friend and confidant. The depth of his understanding, coupled with his compassionate approach, creates a space of profound transformation. Thomas empowers you to break free from traditional molds, welcoming you into a realm where your unique spiritual and psychological pathways can unfold naturally. Thomas is well attuned to be at the helm of your transformative journey". - Brad Smith, Founder

A Life of Vision and Transformation

Lead Facilitator
Thomas Reifers

Thomas was born into a South Dakota farming family in an area recognized as the "Land of the Visionaries" by his Native Lakota friends. Overcoming early life hardships—including the polio epidemic, learning disabilities, and rural isolation—Thomas emerged as a true visionary from a young age. He delved into experiences of past life memories and transformative states of consciousness, setting the groundwork for his path of self-discovery.

In 1968, an encounter with a UFO during a full moon night further expanded his worldview, leading him to a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of the universe. This moment marked a turning point, driving Thomas to embark on a journey across the US and Canada, facing life-altering challenges and accruing invaluable wisdom.

A Holistic Approach to Healing

Thomas entered the realm of counseling in 1973. Specializing in helping people navigate altered states and self-dream therapy, he extended his skills into diverse healing modalities, including hypnosis and integrative states of consciousness. His holistic

approach doesn't just aim to treat the symptom; it strives to understand the "complete" person—background, culture, religious or spiritual leanings, and familial ties.

As he honed his practice, Thomas became increasingly involved with Native traditions and ceremonies. He studied the Native American Church’s use of peyote as a sacred healing medicine and served as a vice president and native healer in the network "Tyospia," facilitating cross-cultural healing.

Bridging the Gap

After completing his master's degree and internship, Thomas became a significant pillar at the Phenix Indian Center. Always the visionary, he explored mystical

experiences and underwent vision quests, deepening his own awareness while guiding others on their transformative journeys.

An early supporter of Sacred Sacraments, Thomas dedicates his life to bridging the gap between traditional healing practices and modern psychotherapeutic approaches. He's been an ardent advocate for the responsible and informed use of psychedelic plant medicines, striving to foster a more compassionate and enlightened society.

The Sacred Sacraments Journey Ahead

Thomas’s goal isn't just to heal but to empower. With his vast knowledge, dedication, and unparalleled understanding of alternative states of consciousness, he is an asset to anyone embarking on a journey toward self-realization and transformation.

We are beyond thrilled to have such a phenomenal human being and gifted healer leading our community towards enlightenment.

Welcome aboard, Thomas J. Reifers.

In love and light,

The Sacred Sacraments Team

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